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Copic Markers

Copic is a brand of marker made in Japan by Too. The markers are available in 322 colors and are refillable. The inks used to refill the markers can be mixed to create new colors, and empty markers are sold for this purpose.

Copic Colour Charts

Copic Marker System

The original Copic Marker for designers, this pen has a traditional chisel tip for coverage as well as a precision nib to take colour to the edge of lines and colour breaks. Favoured by design studios worldwide, the original Copic Marker is distinguishable by its rounded square colour caps (see above). Copic Markers can be refilled from the Copic Various Ink bottles.

Copic Marker

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Copic Sketch

A marker pen with a brush tip, the Copic Sketch is designed with greater illustrative fluidity in mind. A popular pen for manga artists, the Copic Sketch, like the Copic Marker, can be refilled with Copic Various Inks - making it a versatile and sustainable pen. The Copic Sketch is designed for use in less rigid illustrative tasks where a brush nib is more useful than a precision nib. The Copic Sketch pens can be distinguished by their oval cross-section.

Copic Sketch Marker

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Copic Ciao

The value Copic pen, the Ciao series is a low cost alternative to the Copic Sketch. Like the Sketch, it features a chisel nib and brush nib but unlike the Sketch range, it cannot be refilled and the colour range is smaller. This pen is very popular with amateur illustrators and comic artists.

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